Haz-Mat Addon


The Haz-Mat addon adds a couple of fun new costumes for Male actors and some gloopy floor puddles to MovieStorm.

Built for KV's fantastic "Infected" series (Click to go watch it, do, it's great!) the Haz-Mat suit comes with a tintable costume and separate hood as well as a Gas Mask accessory.

To accompany the Ha-Mat guy I thought I'd make a toxic goo man so he's in there too. To select him you need to choose him in the usual costume area, but you will need to switch off your actor's head - which can be done by selecting the handy "No Head" option I have put in to the Head chooser.

As a final bonus I've thrown in a few scalable toxic puddles for the floor.

  • Tintable Haz-mat suit and hood.
  • Separate Gas Mask Accessory.
  • Toxic Goo Blobman
  • 9 Scaleable toxic goo puddles
  • See them in action here
  • "No Head" option added to Dressing room
Only £5!

The Paypal button will take you to the secure Paypal payment page. On receipt of payment I will Email you a link to the addon pack and a password - so make sure Paypal have your correct Email address!

Disclaimer - This pack has been tried and tested and is working to the level desired. Please ensure that your copy of Moviestorm is up to date and running correctly before assuming there is an error with this pack! Blobman costume requires the default actor's head to be hidden


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