tied up mod

Bound and Gagged

The Bound and Gagged pack contains 14 animations for Male and Female actors (plus reverses) and 2 mouth gagging accessories, perfect for all your hostage taking and prisoner holding movies.

Have your actor's hands tied in standing, sitting, kneeling and laying down poses. Watch them struggle as they try to escape their virtual bonds (bonds not included, it's really, really hard to do such things! - so use careful camerawork to hide the fact that there is no rope dynamics or bring in your own static mesh).

And as a bonus, the chair escape animation can be used for tieing your actors shoelaces! :D
Only £5!

Disclaimer - This pack has been tried and tested and is working to the level desired. Please ensure that your copy of Moviestorm is up to date and running correctly before assuming there is an error with this pack! There is no rope included in this pack, getting it to work was way too much trouble! I suggest if you want it bring it in as a static prop, the hands and feet remain quite centred during struggles.


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