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Head Gear Packs 1 & 2

The Head gear packs each contain 25 accessories for Male and Female actors, ranging from everyday glasses to comical paperbags.

They fit the unmorphed heads perfectly, but the more skin tight assets (face mask, eyepatch etc) will obviously have some intersection with morphed features. In theory a future code update for Moviestorm will allow for Accessory repositioning and solve this issue.

The complete asset lists are as follows:

In Headgear 01 you get the following Accessories
Bowler Hat, Cigarette, Cigarette (smoked), Clown Nose, Eyemask (Zorro), Eyepatch (Left), Eyepatch (Right), Ten different styles of glasses, Kung Fu Headband, Laser Visor, Manga Headband, Two metal headbands. Monocle (Left), Monocle (Right), Sweat band and a Wizard hat.
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In Headgear O2 you get the following Accessories
An Arrow in the head, Axe in the head, Beret, Bobble hat, Dome helmet, Cat ears, Crown, Cute Wooly hat, Fedora, Fez, Fishing hat, Halo, In-ear Headphones, Headset, Horned Helmet, Kippah, Panama hat, Paperbag, Party Hat, 2 Pipes, Snowboard hat, Sombrero, Sunglasses on top of the head, Top hat and a Turban.
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  • over 50 new Accessories for Male and Female actors.
  • Tintable and User Image options.
  • Free UV map templates for you to add your own textures here!

Head Gear 01


Head Gear 02


For Head Gear 01 AND 02

Only £20!

The Paypal button will take you to the secure Paypal payment page. On receipt of payment I will Email you a link to the adon pack and a password - so make sure Paypal have your correct Email address!

Disclaimer - These packs have been tried and tested and is working to the level desired. Please ensure that your copy of Moviestorm is up to date and running correctly before assuming there is an error with this pack! Actors with Morphed heads will suffer from intersections of the more closely fitting accessories until a code update is implemented in Moviestorm.


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