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Horses 01

The Horses 01 addon contains six horse variants, a basic horse, a unicorn and two saddled versions of each. Thee are 4 skin texture variants; brown, brown with white, black and white which is also set to tintable and user image. The UV coordinates are supplied so you can draw your own fur patterns and load them in.

The horse works as a standalone prop or an interactive one. As well as several standing animations the horse can walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump and rear up, all with accompanying male or female rider animations.

A scrolling background prop that accepts user images and scrolls at different speeds should make chase scenes easy. Alternatively you can place the horse and rider on a nav mesh and move that about your scene. There will be foot sliding of course, but I'd rather see horses with foot sliding than no horses at all ;)

  • 6 horse variants.
  • 4 skin textures plus tintable option.
  • 34 animations for the horse and actors.
  • Bonus Scrolling background prop, with multiple speeds and directions.
  • Click to go and see a Demo Movie.
Only £10!

The Paypal button will take you to the secure Paypal payment page. On receipt of payment I will Email you a link to the addon pack and a password - so make sure Paypal have your correct Email address!

Disclaimer - This pack has been tried and tested and is working to the level desired. Please ensure that your copy of Moviestorm is up to date and running correctly before assuming there is an error with this pack! The horse is a prop, it does not work like the actors, the horse's feet are likely to slip on the ground, I suggest you just film it from the right angle!


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